Flooring Contractor

Flooring Contractor

Quality flooring sets the tone for a home. Whether you desire comfort, warmth, relaxation, or opulence and prestige,beautiful flooring will give you the foundation you seek. The perfect flooring selection will give any room a spacious feel. Additionally, flooring improvements provide enduring style and timeless character to every room of your home. Refreshing your home with a new flooring installation will enhance the appearance and atmosphere of the entire house.

Those who appreciate comfort often prefer carpeting. Frieze is an excellent choice for families with younger children or pet owners. It is incredibly durable and long-lasting, and the carpet fibers have a loose construction. This causes dirt to fall to the bottom where it is easy to vacuum and maintain. Its short and twisted structure makes footprints and stains less noticeable. Berber carpet was once used primarily in office settings, but its popularity has surged recently with homeowners. Berber is affordable and resilient, and it is a wonderful selection for high traffic areas like hallways, stairs, and playrooms because it will not show traffic patterns. For those who want a luxurious look and feel, Plush carpet has a velvety, even cut pile. It is smooth, dense, and has a perfectly manicured appearance. Soft to the touch and comfortable, Plush carpeting is the ideal choice for anyone who likes to stretch out on the floor to play a game or watch a movie. If you are uncertain which type of carpeting is the one for you, the professionals at Powers Remodeling and Fine Floors are here to offer their expert guidance.

Houston has an exceptionally warm climate. Many are turning to tile and stone flooring because their cooling effect makes them energy efficient. Ceramic is popular, as it is very cost-effective for the value it adds to a home. It is waterproof and safe to use outdoors as well. Porcelain tile can stand up to any type of cleaner, is difficult to scratch, and will withstand an immense amount of weight. It is incredibly versatile and can mimic anything, from stone to wood to granite, meaning you can have a high cost look for less that is also easy to maintain. Slate is known for its rough, natural look, as well as for its beauty. It is slip-resistant, making it ideal for kitchens. Darker in tone, Slate won’t show marks that tend to occur in busy areas. No two pieces of Slate are identical, and it combines well with other tiles, making it possible for you to design a room that is truly unique and your own. For those who want luxury, Travertine may be the ideal flooring. It is known for its exceptionally grand, but natural, appearance. Travertine comes in a variety of subtle shades and tones and can last for centuries if properly maintained. It is truly stunning and unforgettable. The only thing comparable to Travertine is Marble flooring. Marble is magnificent and can be used to form exquisite design patterns. It is scratch-free and durable. Marble symbolizes prosperity and is a classic selection that has everlasting appeal.

Wood flooring is renowned for its natural beauty and rustic attraction. There are so many varieties of wood flooring, your options are practically endless. Powers Remodeling and Fine Floors will assist you as you make your selection from Domestic Hardwood, Engineered Hardwood, Exotic Hardwood or Solid Wood flooring, and we will install it with expert precision. Bamboo and Cork flooring are unique flooring options that are popular, as well as environmentally friendly. If you appreciate the look of wood flooring, but are looking for a cheaper alternative with a simple and fast installation, Wood Laminate might be the right choice for you. We also do Hardwood Restoration and will breathe new life into any older wood floors.

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